Ryszard Dudek, Nude, oil on canvas, 90x80, 2019

Ryszard Dudek is one of the few artists for whom the concept of freedom in creation is inextricably linked to a maximum sense of individual responsibility towards art, towards painting with strict self-control. Such freedom is the opposite of today's standards. It belongs to a real elite. A few who represent the spiritual core of humanity. Crowds of silence in today's marketplaces of the world that are not marginalized; for whom art is not a superfluous luxury or propaganda but a full, multi-dimensional consciousness of life. One of the greatest assets of humanity, as described by Józef Czapski. Ryszard Dudek turned away from commonly chanted slogans eruditely called contemporary dilemmas. However, it is from this point of view; from such an isolated place; we do not observe unnecessary, superficial and accidental things. With a little faith, we can observe the glow of a universal power and a great future in painting. Turning away from the setting sun one can observe the birth of a brand new day which for some time remains concealed in the darkness of the outgoing night. It is great that Ryszard Dudek, in his patience and perseverance, is not alone.

Jacek Kawałek, from catalog RYSZARD DUDEK PAINTING, BWA Rzeszow, 2013

    PAINTING 2019

Ryszard Dudek, Composition, oil on canvas, 90x2x80, 2019

   PAINTING 2018 ( gallery 20 )

Ryszard Dudek, Composition 1/20, oil on canvas, 100x80, 2018

Ryszard Dudek, Composition 2/20, oil on canvas, 100x80, 2018






BWA Rzeszow - photos from the opening

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Ryszard Dudek, Composition 1/38, oil on canvas, 120x105, 2017 r.

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Ryszard Dudek the author 28 individual, so called ‘premiere’ exhibitions of painting; He took part of 200 group exhibitions and plein–air in Poland and abroad.

My exhibition in BWA Rzeszow, 2013


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Ryszard Dudek

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